How to Get free HTTPS or SSL certificate for any website?

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What is an SSL Certificate or HTTPs?

In layman’s terms, we can understand the SSL Certificate as an enabler that allows secure connections from your website to a web browser.

Why your website need an SSL Certificate?

There are two major reasons you need an SSL Certificate for your website:

  1. SSL Certificate enhances your website security exponentially.
  2. SSL Certificate is one of the most crucial Google Ranking factors.

Learn to Install Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificate or Get Free HTTPs

Do you know that you can learn to set up a free SSL Certificate or get free HTTPs for your website? You will not have to pay each year for the renewal of your SSL Certificate. Above all, it is approved and recommended by Google as well.

Yes, you can do that with Let’s Encrypt Free SSL Certificate. However, you won’t be able to find the right way to set up Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate or get free HTTPs. Furthermore, the tutorials available online are too complex to understand and follow.

Therefore, we at Learning Skills Digital Marketing Institute, bring you a step-by-step tutorial to set up LetsEncrypt Free SSL certificate. The Let’s Encrypt Tutorial for HTTPs or SSL certificate setup is designed in easy to understand the language.

We make sure that you cut through the complexities, and just learn to Setup SSL Certificate and renew it at regular intervals.

However, through this tutorial, you can easily learn to create and install a free SSL Certificate. But for the old domains with the website, you will need to take care of extra as you will need to set up redirects from your HTTP domain to HTTPs domain. Meanwhile ensuring all the SEO juice is passed to your HTTPs domain website.

Moreover, you will need minimum knowledge of WordPress, and Hosting in order to learn to setup HTTPs for your website.

This short course on Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificate Tutorial will not only boost your security but also Google rankings as well. As HTTPs or SSL Certificate is the major on-page ranking factor.

For any designer, developer, and marketer, it is a highly recommended short course that will make a major impact.

The requirement for this Short Course

It is not mandatory though, nevertheless ideal to have knowledge of WordPress and Cpanel. However, during the course, you will get the basic tutorial for WordPress and Cpanel.

If you have any questions feel free to WhatsApp us.

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